Lowe's Loop Review Writing Guidelines

As a reminder, the purpose of your review is to help provide insight for our consumers who are considering purchasing the product. You are directly supporting the Lowe's community by providing honest and unbiased feedback on each Lowe's Loop product received.

Avoid: Review Moderation Violations 

Your review matters! Make sure your review gets approved by avoiding these common Moderation Violations listed below:

  • Addressing Customer Service
  • Addressing Shipping Issues 
  • Mentioning Competitor Reference
  • Submitting Images Subjected to Copyright (i.e., copy and paste, screenshots, etc.)
  • Including Personally Identifiable Information (i.e., full names, email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information)

In addition, please do not review a product if you:

  • Have not yet received the product 
  • Unable to provide honest and unbiased feedback
  • Have conflict of interest due to any relationship you have with the product manufacturer or otherwise

Include: Writing Guidelines: 

  • Review must reflect your honest and unbiased feedback
  • Minimum of 150 characters
    • Review should focus solely on the product and your personal experience with it  
    • Refer to "Writing Tip" mentioned below for guidance
  • Minimum of three (3) photos are required when submitting your review
    • Clearly showcase different angles of the product and ensure it is recognizable
    • Capture your product experience in the photo
    • Focus on the product attributes mentioned in your review
    • Ensure your photo is high quality and clear

Writing Tip: Make an Impact with Your Review by Answering 4 Simple Questions!

Remember, reviews should focus on the product and your individual experience with it.

  1. What was the reason for accepting to sample this product? 
    • Did the product help solve a problem, fill a need, or fulfill a want? 
  2. How did your personal experience go with the product? 
    • Expectation vs reality
    • Mentionable features such as durability, can travel well, made with quality material? 
  3. What did the product do for you?
    • Did it add convenience, style, comfort?  
    • Did it help provide a solution, increase productivity or efficiency? 
  4. What's your honest verdict on the product? 
    • Who would be the best fit for this product?
    • What would you have liked to know beforehand about this product? 

Thank you for delivering quality content on Lowe's Loop products to help provide product insight to the rest of our Lowe's community! If you have any additional questions, please submit them using the Contact Us form.